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Who are we?

Farm and Infrastructure Foundation is a an Organization for Particapative Policy Advocacy,Research and Brokerage in Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Our Vision

A population of farmers and other rural poor that is empowered with a voice and a vote in the policy process wherein promoted: policy best practices in agriculture and rural

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Our Mission

The mission field of FIF covers three mandate domains of professional activities regarding the role of government and private sector in agriculture and rural development:

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Farm and Infrastructure Foundation is a corporate organization by membership, founded in 1999 and incorporated by trusteeship in 2000. The goal is to fill a critical gap between policy authorities and policy beneficiaries in the agriculture and rural development process, with a view to promoting poverty reduction and livelihoods improvements through participative policy advocacy, policy brokerage and policy research.

The different categories of members include institutional members (farmers associations, commodity associations, women and youth associations, etc.); while the iindividual members include professional associates, students and other actors in the agricultural sector, who may join the organization by voluntary or honourary modes. Membership is also open to public institutions and organs of government such as universities, research institutes, centres of excellence as well as international agencies in agriculture and rural development.

FIF is non-partisan, non-religious, and non-ethnic in its character and functions. Membership of FIF is open and voluntary to people at home and abroad with sustained ability to contribute in any way to poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement of the people. Generally, members would enjoy a sense of gratification as a result of the opportunity provided by the organization to impact positively on the livelihood of mankind. As a member, you can use the vast resource base in the field of professional practice and also participate in different policy debates going on from time to time. REGISTER NOW

Policy Debate is a platform for members and other visitors to FIF website to contribute on line to discussion of issues in agriculture and rural development. The topical issues are raised from time to time on this site covering the entire cycle of stages in the policy process

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Gbolagade Ayoola

Gbolagade Babalola Ayoola


Professor of Agricultural Economics and Policy of the University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

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The constitution of the Farm and Infrastructure Foundation


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